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Welcome to Devil Dog.

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The only thing Limited about us, is our LLC in our name.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a Devil Dog????

It's hard to explain. An Insult and a Great Respect...

You see, back before most anyone left alive on this rock was born, there was this group of mean, swarthy, foul mouthed men from 'Murica who took a vacation overseas to beautiful, bullet ridden France. And when they got there, they were immediately mocked and ridiculed by everyone. Especially the Austrian/Germans. And so, they were just out for a stroll in this big ole forest called Belleau Wood. And along came the Big Bad Wolf of the time, the Germans. And they decided to surround those poor naive chaps in that wood. Well, all hell broke loose. Cuz you see. Marines get kinda offended when you try to kill 'em. And they fight like hellfire and gasoline mixed together and thrown in gunpowder. And they made such a ruckus that they Germans decided to call them Teufeul Hunden. Of Devil Dogs and Hell Hounds. Because, son, if you ever had a Marine climbing ya ass, you'd think all of hell was coming for ya. 

So that's what a Devil Dog... that's what this Company is. A lean, mean IT ass-kicking machine. We do it right. We do it proud. We do it because we love it. And we are damn good at it. So why go anywhere else? Save yourself the headache of Geek Zone Squad Patrol and just pay us to do it right. K?